A Gateway to Big Data

A scaled-down version of the system as a way to onboard customers to data-driven hygiene and a door opener to new customers. 

In 2014, the Essity brand Tork launched their solution to data-driven hygiene, Tork Vision Cleaning. With this system, the user gets a myriad of data from various sources, such as people counters, soap dispensers, and other sensors.  

The Bigger Brother

Tork Vision Cleaning is an extensive system that uses real-time data to help users take the guesswork and estimation out of facility management. It lets them focus their attention exactly where and when it is needed.   

Customers could see the benefit of data-driven hygiene, but getting them to take the step to a system as big as Tork Vision Cleaning proved to be a different challenge. Some customers were not ready to plunge into data-driven hygiene, and some did not have large enough facilities to warrant such an extensive system as Tork Vision Cleaning. 

Tork Vision Cleaning uses real-time data

The Little Brother

In 2022, HiQ and Essity started the project together: Starter Kit, a scaled-back solution of Tork Vision Cleaning. The idea is to let the customer try the benefits of data-driven cleaning before they invest in the larger-scale system.  

The Essity Starter Kit Application

What’s in the box?

Essity ships the starter kit hardware to the customer, who sets up the system in their environment by following simple instructions. The customer can now access their data from a website. The kit consists of two people counter sensors and some additional hardware.  

Once installed, the starter kit provides two types of data, a “live” view and historical data. The historical data helps the user plan the attention a room needs by identifying usage peaks. The idea is that the user sets a limit for how many people can use the room before it needs attention, in other words cleaning, refilling, emptying, or tending to in one way or another.  

The “live” view tells the status of the room and if it requires any immediate action.  

The Starter Kit Hardware

Less is more

The Tork People Counter Starter Kit requires less time and money from the customer but allows them to experience the benefits of data-driven hygiene in their environment. At the same time, the starter kit opens a new opportunity to present the Tork brand to potential customers. 

The Tork People Counter Starter Kit is the perfect example of simplifying a complex solution to make it more easily digestible for certain customers

Peter Blomström, Global Brand Director Services at Essity Hygiene and Health

Data when entering the room