Making Complex Simple by Design

Together with Liftlogic, HiQ has developed a new brand identity and acted as a partner in developing the organization and product offering.

A new, clearer and simpler Liftlogic

New brand platform and improved ways of working for internal and external processes

With the fresh look and feel of its brand platform from HiQ, Liftlogic raises the stakes for its business offering. The company develops and delivers control systems for lifts that are easy to install, use and maintain. And now, as it expands its reach in the market with the newly-minted logo and visual language, Liftlogic integrates its brand promise to make the complex simple for its customers.


Liftlogic realized that it needed to address gaps in its communications as well as the growing demand for shorter workflows to reduce customer churn. The mission for HiQ was to integrate the smart and simple way that Liftlogic serves the customer, from a branding standpoint.


The new name and brand platform position Liftlogic as the optimal choice to develop and deliver control systems for lifts. Now, customers get a more complete picture of the value proposition and the internal team enjoys a shorter path to the wellspring of branded products and services. These two factors alone have streamlined the organization with more efficacy, and opened up new dialogues with customers and partners.


Renaming the company, from Digisign to Liftlogic, affords employees and customers with infinitely more brand congruence. HiQ developed and designed an entirely new brand platform which was also used to design a new company website. The project also extended into the organizational structure and work processes, now restructured and more aligned with the brand, HiQ also developed a mobile app to support onsite service checks for lifts, simplifying life for customers of Liflogic.

I’m very happy to have worked with HiQ as our branding- and organizational partner. Thank you all for your excellent work and helping us shape a clearer and more professional looking Liftlogic.

Fredrik Thorning, Liftlogic


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