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Secure our oceans makes the world’s seas safer and more secure


More than a billion people depend on the oceans for their food and livelihood. Yet illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing has led to overfishing in 90% of the world’s seas. Now countries around the globe have begun to respond by establishing marine conservation zones. Technological aids and innovative ideas to protect the seas have been available for some time now. Today they are so numerous that it can be difficult for decision-makers to choose the solution that is right for them. The challenge is: How can we help government agencies, NGOs, trade associations and others to reach their target groups and strengthen their efforts to protect the seas?


To help the Stimson Center, a politically independent organisation committed to finding solutions to development and security issues in the world, to develop its Secure Our Oceans platform. The ambition is to create a tool that is readily accessible to decision makers, easy to work with, and has a global reach.


HiQ developed the new This platform brings together experts, provides clear facts and calls attention to the opportunities that exist to protect and conserve the world’s oceans. It organises technologies to make it simpler for decision-makers to identify the technical solutions that are needed to meet their particular local challenge and to understand how different solutions can be combined.


HiQ’s design and development work has resulted in a new website that works on a global level. Secure Our Oceans was launched at a widely reported conference in Washington, DC, attended by former US President Barack Obama, former US Secretary of State John Kerry, and actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. Collaboration has already begun among US authorities and new pilot projects have been started in South-East Asia and Ecuador.

Black belt in digital communication

We have been creating web sites since the mid 1990s and been a part of the amazing development that´s been taken place in this area. Today we are more of a communication partner to our clients from the initial idea stage, through design to development and on to implementation and maintenance. The web is still an important part of our client´s communication and these specific assignments result in efficient solutions that work on every platform, 24/7. You can also read about the website we´ve developed for the municipality Enköping – a website that´s been awarded for it´s usability.