New – for Children, by Children

Bris has long noticed increased pressure on its contact channels for children and young people to reach counselors. The general anxiety in society has risen, with events like gang crime, wars in Ukraine and Gaza, and an economic situation that makes many families experience an increasingly strained daily life. This has led to the need for Bris support functions being at an all-time high.


HiQ was tasked with addressing an initial challenge – children and young people could chat with counselors on, but rarely got through due to an overcrowded queue and drop-offs because of long waiting times. Additionally, it was found that all the information and self-help available on the website was hard to find, contributing to even higher pressure on the chat.

After launching the “Formulate Your Thoughts” feature – a function that not only entertains children in the chat queue but also provides counselors with important information before the conversations – we began working on the main challenge: a thorough restructuring of the website.


To understand the challenges and needs from the children’s perspective, we conducted a series of usability and navigation logic tests for different age groups. Based on observations and lessons learned from the tests, we developed a new design, structure, and features that were continuously tested iteratively in close collaboration with user groups. During each iteration, the same tests were conducted to evaluate changes in qualitative and quantitative test results.


A completely new website for Bris, tailored to the children’s needs and abilities. We were repeatedly surprised by how the children’s behavior and preferences differed from established practices – everything from preferring long scroll pages to having the menu and navigation preferably at the bottom, adapted for small hands.

Together with Bris, we have now developed a platform where children and young people can engage, find information more easily, and get the help they need faster. The result is not just a new and nicer website; it has also improved the opportunities for children and young people to get the right support and guidance when they need it most.

We are very pleased to offer our children and young people more effective support for those who need us. HiQ has delivered a solution that clearly adapts to the children’s wishes while also streamlining the work for our counselors

Binaji Marouf, Communications and Advocacy Manager at BRIS


UX Design, Art Direction, Digital Design, Web Design, Information Architecture, User Testing, Prototyping, Accessibility, WCAG