I’ll Swish it to you

Simplified mobile payment for the Swedish banks (and the Swedes)


Beloved payment solution

Together with Bankgirot HiQ has built and developed the IT solution for one of the best cashless solutions in the Nordic region. Swish that in a very short period of time has come to dominate the market and has reached over 6 million users and over 90 per cent brand knowledge in Sweden. And with this also changed behaviours and one important building block in the development of a Swedish cashless society.

Swish was received with open arms by the Swedish citizens and became an awaited solution for a long time problem. Swish is owned by Getswish and is a collaboration between banks in Sweden. Today over six million Swedes sends money transactions to each other via the Swish app and it is also developed to become a payment solution also for organisations and businesses.


Cash is becoming more and more rare in society. For many years credit cards was the simplest – and only – alternative for payments in stores and restaurants. But transferring money to a friend was much more difficult. People didn’t exactly carry around their own personal payment terminal.

Simplify money transactions

Sweden’s six largest banks assigned payment and information services company Bankgirot to develop a service that simplified for people to send digital money transactions to each other. Bankgirot turned to HiQ for help with developing the technical solution.


A mobile app that makes it possible for people to send money to each other in real time. All via the mobile phone. Swish is connected to the user’s personal bank account and mobile phone number. The user verifies his identity with a mobile bank ID and will then be able to send money transactions to other users via the mobile phone number. Just as quick as a cash transaction, but much simpler.