Healthcare in numbers

Support for the Swedish healthcare sectors’ quality assurance and improvement work


Healthcare providers need information in order to improve the services they deliver. Sweden has generally had a good track record for collecting information from the healthcare sector. In the past, however, we have been less successful in passing on information that is relevant to improvement work. How can this kind of information be made more easily available?


To help the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) to develop and administer a readily accessible service that contains all the available statistical information relevant to nursing and healthcare in Sweden. User-friendliness is a top priority.


HiQ has developed and now administers the Vården i Siffror website for SALAR.Vården i Siffror (Healthcare in Numbers) gathers data from numerous sources to create a basis for reliable reports and objective analyses that make it easier to follow up and improve Swedish healthcare. The primary consumers of this information are county council and regional management and analysts, who can now use a web application to access surveys, results and other data. The solution i sbased on AWS and also provides information on which to base public debate about healthcare issues.


The digital Vården i Siffror service collects and compiles data from all of Sweden’s county councils, 81 hospitals and 1,486 medical centres nationwide. A total of 47 registers are linked to the service, together with 400 indicators that measure different aspects of healthcare. There is also an open-access section where healthcare-related data is made available to the public. The service makes it possible to compare information from the different county councils, regions and medical centres. Developing Vården i Siffror is fully in line with the ambition that motivates HiQ –to makes people’s lives simpler and better.