Volvo Construction Equipment

The SelfieDrive Experience

Bringing new life to the good old photo booth


Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction equipment.

At the Customer Center in Eskilstuna, thousands of potential Volvo customers come from all over the world yearly – to get inspired and experience the Volvo CE Brand surrounded by their fantastic products.

Experiencing outdoor products in an indoor setting, though, is pretty static and doesn’t leave much of a footprint – you simply don’t get the right feeling. 

HiQ was given the task of creating an indoor, digital installation for the exhibition “the virtual Volvo Days 2022” at Volvo Customer Center. But not just another indoor installation, but something that can compete with any outdoor experience and be something memorable and engaging. 

Volvo CE Customer Center, Eskilstuna.

A digi-physical experience

Photo booths are common yet appreciated installations in many exhibitions. However, we don’t think a simple and static photo is a fair memory of the actual fun you have at the testing ground. Instead, we decided to give every visitor a unique film of themselves to share on social media – we call it SelfieDrive!

A Volvo cabin was equipped with a film camera linked to an automated video-editing system with pre-recorded action footage, which generates every customer a tailored, fun video of their visit. The installation was tailored to create a unique result each time a visitor recorded a selfie-video thanks to more than ten pre-recorded films.


The SelfieDrive Experience was an immediate success at the Volvo Days and was moved straight into the permanent exhibition after the event. On certain days, unique videos are created for 50% of all visitors. There are plans for the installation to become a permanent feature of Volvo’s global fairs, and the US market has already requested SelfieDrive to tour their trade fairs.

Selfiedrive in action