Towards Zero Faster

HiQ’s role in the development of autonomous vehicles


Zenseact is a software company developing autonomous driving (AD) and driver assistance systems (ADAS). As a breakout from Volvo Cars, Zenseact’s ADAS development has been very successful, and their products are used in both Polestar 3 and Volvo customer cars.

Zenseact envisions a world with zero vehicle collisions, which is captured by their motto: Towards zero faster. Zero collisions, zero fatalities. They can achieve that vision only by deploying their software in as many vehicles as possible. 


Zenseact entrusted HiQ with this critical and strategic task – Making Zenseact’s software offering scalable and easy to integrate in other car models. 

Zenseact’s main product, OnePilot, is the application that ultimately will run in the customer cars and perform AD/ADAS functions. HiQ was tasked with developing the IntegrationSuite (the software meant for integrators and OEMs that want to integrate OnePilot in other cars) from scratch and supporting Zenseact’s partners to integrate OnePilot in their vehicles. 

The Integration Suite is a complex product, touching almost all parts of OnePilot. Multiple competencies and cross-functional knowledge were required to solve that task, which was exactly what HiQ could offer Zenseact.  


The HiQ team consists of a great mix of talent, all working effectively and cross-functionally across competence areas and geographical regions. The team handles everything, from setting up hardware, hands-on testing and debugging, all the way to high-level tasks like software architecture and system analysis and optimization. Beyond that, a part of the team is involved in Zenseact’s API governance group, a formal decision forum tasked with overseeing Zenseact’s public APIs (a product on its own and a great company asset). Lastly, the team takes care of partner interaction on Zenseact’s behalf. All this is proof of Zenseact’s trust in HiQ.

This is a long-term project. At this point, the HiQ team is highly appreciated by Zenseact and its partners. With a proactive approach, always one step ahead of the game, it is not uncommon that a function or feature is already done when requested. The team operates with great confidence and delivers valuable results on a regular basis. 

u0022I usually talk about HiQ’s team CoffeeCat as one of our best-case scenarios when it comes to our bought services. We are very pleased with the team’s performance and that everything works quite smoothlyu0022

Mehrnush Ostad, Department Manager, Zenseact