May 25, 2021

Factlab chooses HiQ to develop mobile fact-checking service

At a time when source checking and independent facts are more important than ever, Factlab offers a smart fact-checking service making it easier and more secure to rely on accurate information. As they continue to develop the service, Factlab have now partnered up with HiQ to make it even more accessible and user-friendly – as a mobile service. u0022We continuously strive to improve our product using technology and design, and we are really delighted to be cooperating with Factlab. It is an important service, and we are extremely proud to be a part of its development,u0022 says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

The service is based on an OMNI method which allows it to compare millions of facts and give the user a clear and credible base to use. The database currently consists of 82 million source-cited facts and it is continuously updated. Through sharing functions, interactive graphs, and the ability to follow developments and statistics over time, it is an effective tool for a variety of professions. The service is primarily aimed at communication professionals, journalists, teachers and students, but it is available to anyone seeking independent facts. 

“Right now, we are seeing an enormous need for this type of service among these groups. The service is currently web-based, but we want to be where the user is – which is on their mobile devices. It should be fast and easy to access the information regardless of platform, which is why we are now also developing a mobile version together with HiQ,” says Tora Löf, Strategist at Factlab.

She says the reason for choosing HiQ is the wide range of services that HiQ can offer. The fact that they can work with us from day one throughout the development journey from design to finished product. In recent months, their collaboration has focused on research, the customer journey, and visual design to produce a prototype that is now being tested.

More capital will be raised to launch an initial version in Sweden before then rolling it out globally.


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Sandra Siljestedt

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