February 22, 2023

HiQ in partnership with TH1NG in IoT

HiQ and TH1NG enter a partnership within IoT. The partnership relates to TH1NG's IoT platform IoT Open which further strengthens HiQs offer within IoT and its overall position as a partner in digitization. “At HiQ, we are passionate about creating a better world with the help of technology, design u0026amp; communication. With our solid experience in IoT, we are excited about the opportunities that arise through our collaboration with TH1NG. In addition, our broad experience in everything from business development to analysis, processing and visualization of sensor data makes HiQ a natural partner when TH1NG establishes a wider customer base,” says Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ.

The term Internet of Things has been around for a long time and is still an area in rapid development. HiQ enters into a partnership agreement with TH1NG and the IoT platform IoT Open. The partnership means that HiQ strengthens its offer within IoT, of which the Thellio platform is a part, as well as the company’s overall position as a partner in digitization further. HiQ has broad expertise and experience in connected products in different industries. The tech consultancy, which is a one-stop-shop in digitization, is a strong partner for leading players in many industries, the public sector and more. Together, the companies can reach even more potential clients.

“We welcome HiQ as a new partner and are proud to start a partnership within the IoT area. HiQ will be an important piece of the puzzle in large projects when deliveries of our platform IoT Open are rolled out in connection with large consulting efforts. Our partners and their IoT expertise are essential for us to win in this expansive market. There are large development projects and rollouts that will take place linked to the development of smart and sustainable societies, and demand for this new technology is increasing on the market,” says Klas Westholm, CEO at TH1NG.

IoT Open enables the creation of IoT solutions independent of technology and industry. It is based on APIs to integrate and communicate between different systems and technologies in one place. As a result, TH1NG’s IoT Open can enable a smart and sustainable society with smart cities, real estate, and industries.

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