March 8, 2022

HiQ partners up with Women in Tech Sweden for 2022

HiQ announces today that the company and Women in Tech Sweden are entering a partnership that extends throughout 2022. The acclaimed organization and tech consulting company will, apart from the yearly Women in Tech conference, organize two events together during 2022. “I am incredibly proud to be able to announce today that we are teaming up with Women in Tech Sweden! For HiQ, it is important that everyone feels welcome in the tech industry. Together with Women in Tech Sweden, we will aim to develop our own work at HiQ and hope to contribute to a more inclusive industry with greater diversity,” says Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ.

What started as an event on International Women’s Day 2014 has grown into a community, platform, and movement over the years. Women in Tech Sweden is an organization that aims to inspire women to choose a career in media and technology – and get those who are already in the industry to stay. In addition, the organization provides role models, networks, and experience from successful, interesting, and pioneering people from the tech industry. This is executed through an annual conference as well as other events for the network. Women in Tech Sweden is a non-profit organization, and behind the initiative are some of Sweden’s largest and most influential tech companies. Today, the organization has over 14,000 members and welcomes all genders; together is the only way to create a change.

That everyone feels welcome in the tech industry is essential to HiQ. Therefore, HiQ announces today that the company and Women in Tech Sweden are entering a partnership that extends throughout 2022, with the aim to work together with the organization for a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.

“It is extremely gratifying to be able to contribute to a better, smarter and more sustainable society together with HiQ. It is also great to introduce HiQ to our 14,000 members. We look forward to an exciting 2022 and a partnership with one of Sweden’s leading technology consulting companies,” says Elin Eriksson, Director Women in Tech.

The Women in Tech Sweden conference is usually organized around International Women’s Day on March 8 but has been postponed to May 13th, 2022, due to Covid-19. The conference is held at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre and is the largest within its segment. The conference #WITswe2022 has the theme Level Up!, and focuses on how we all can take our own and joint responsibility for a better future – something that is in line with HiQ’s vision of simplifying the world with tech.


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