February 18, 2022

HiQ relieves accounting anxiety with Acconomy

Accounting may well be the thing small businesses in all sectors long for the least. HiQ gets the task to create a communicative concept for Acconomy, highlighting how time-saving and straightforward their accounting software is. “We are excited to work with Acconomy on this assignment! They want to make life easier for their customers, which is just in line with what we want to accomplish – to simplify people’s lives through tech, design, and creativity. Congratulations to the team at HiQ on a job well done working on this project and the product itself! This has been an excellent interregional collaboration within HiQ,” says Fredrik Malm, acting CEO of HiQ.

Acconomy view it as their assignment to help their customers reduce errors in the overgrown jungle of accounting – to make it easy to do things right. A team from HiQ has previously worked with Acconomy to develop the accounting software itself. Now, HiQ gets the task to create a communicative concept for Acconomy, with the aim to highlight just how simple and time-saving their accounting software is. 

For many of us, accounting can seem somewhat daunting or even a source of anxiety. HiQ addresses this in the assignment, designing a slogan centered around the concept: “Sweden’s simplest accounting program; still not fun, but at least now it’s simple”. HiQ takes on the role of Acconomy’s marketing department developing a unique concept called Cognitive Bookkeeping Therapy (CBT), a fictitious world in which a group of small-business owners meet to work through their accounting anxiety. HiQ has built all communication and services around this concept.

“It has been great fun to work with HiQ! They have developed something unique that highlights what we consider our mission: to make it easy to do things correctly, preferably without any anxiety along the way. We have received a tremendous response to our campaign,” says Olov Marchal, CEO at Acconomy.

For HiQ, this is a perfect example of Marketing as a Service, and the company is behind a wealth of successful activities for Acconomy. These include a major advertising campaign featuring billboards, 24/7 support and a helpdesk where you can choose between six prerecorded anti-anxiety messages whenever your accounting anxiety gets the better of you. 

“To have HiQ come in and get to grips with our marketing down to the smallest detail is invaluable to us. We are already seeing a large increase in customers and attention,” says Olov Marchal.

Acconomy is Sweden’s simplest accounting software. Acconomy is a sister company of Euro Finans and Prioritet Finans.  

Please visit Acconomy’s social media channels and get to know Carl-Hans, Georgios, Lars, Harriet, Amanda and the rest of the CBT group “I hate bookkeeping”:

Acconomy YouTube
Acconomy Instagram
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