June 9, 2022

HiQ wins Medicarrier’s procurement for new website & e-commerce

MediCarrierMediCarrier AB needs to replace its website and is commissioning to produce, deliver and manage a new website with a system solution for e-commerce. HiQ wins the race for MediCarrier’s renewed framework agreement. u0022At HiQ, we strive to simplify people's lives with the help of tech. Making it easier for MediCarrier's customers is exactly what this assignment entails. We continue our journey to digitize for our customers, new as well as existing. We are very pleased to announce that HiQ has won this renewed framework agreement, and we look forward to working with MediCarrier AB!” says Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ.

MediCarrier’s website and webshop have been around for some time and needs to be replaced. The new website and new system for e-commerce will represent an essential step in improving customer experience through improved search tools for items, following the delivery status of orders and use of self-service possibilities, for example, when goods need to be returned. Consequently, HiQ will become a partner in producing, delivering, and managing the new website and creating a new systems solution for e-commerce.

“We look forward to our collaboration with HiQ and are pleased to have them aboard for this assignment. For us, it is important to simplify everyday life for our customers by making it easy to order our goods and services. Our collaboration with HiQ will lead to an improved experience for our customers on many different levels,” says Marie Cederholm, Business Manager at MediCarrier AB.

In addition to producing, delivering, and managing a new website with an e-commerce solution, the assignment includes development, implementation, application support and system management. Consulting services as project management and administration management are also included. Goals include improved customer experience through more efficient orders, proactive customer communication, digital self-service, fewer calls to customer service and higher quality in the e-commerce process, which in turn aims to lead to a reduced number of returns and simplified handling.

About MediCarrier AB:

MediCarrier AB is Region Stockholm’s logistics and transport company. The company stocks and distributes healthcare and consumables and develops and provides transport services for goods for operations within the Stockholm Region. MediCarrier AB offers a wide range of approximately 15,000 procured and environmentally adapted healthcare and consumables. Articles included in the range comprise a careful selection of well-tried, tested and environmentally assessed articles procured by Region Stockholm. Customers come primarily from Region Stockholm’s administrative offices and companies, along with several contractors who have agreements with Region Stockholm.


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