Business Centric AI

At HiQ, we move beyond the buzzwords to bring you tangible AI solutions that drive real business impact. Whether you’re exploring AI for the first time or looking to enhance your existing digital transformation efforts, we provide the expertise and guidance to make it happen.

Our AI service offering starts by auditing your existing infrastructure to identify optimization opportunities. We then enhance and tailor your systems to ensure they are AI-ready, aligning perfectly with your business goals. This strategic foundation allows us to build out a robust AI-enabled environment that integrates seamlessly into your operations, setting the stage for a transformative AI journey. Our approach is designed to guide and support your organization in taking its first steps on the AI journey. Whether that’s helping you practically jumpstart with use case driven proof of concepts to building out and managing full-stack AI-driven solutions in a structured way at scale, our product delivery teams are ready to help.

Business Centric AI

AI Strategy & Readiness

Our expert teams help you to kickstart your AI journey with an effective and practical strategic roadmap. We identify key AI use cases and ensure you are ready to execute and realize these securely, and effectively.

We help you to jumpstart your AI journey with a practical insight and identify key use cases aligned with business requirements to overcome critical challenges which have the biggest opportunities. Our AI experts assess your digital core and overall readiness to operationalize future AI-driven solutions or models from data, people, culture and technology perspectives for realizing the journey ahead. 

AI Audit

We screen and assess any ongoing organizational digitalization efforts to help uncover opportunities where AI can enhance efficiency, innovation, and overall performance.

Over 90% of organizations have some form of digital transformation initiative ongoing, with many companies running several projects concurrently and for many years. HiQ helps you to screen these initiatives and assess if and how to effectively harness AI to improve efficiency, drive innovation, and create competitive advantages. This enables you to achieve an increased ROI and reinvent all other digitalization efforts.

AI Use-Case Realization

Our AI product delivery teams innovate, build and implement new AI models and solutions for prioritized use cases 

Our HiQ team builds and trains an initial AI model for selected use cases, looking for immediate impact. Typically, we will conduct various model building activities from data preparation, feature engineering, model training, to validation, and optimization. Continuous testing and feedback loops are critical to continuously monitor and optimize the AI model to ensure training consistency, model performance as well as any model architecture updates throughout the realization phase. 

AI Organisation & Governance

Realizing AI use cases requires practical organizational changes to effectively integrate AI models and solutions at scale. Our HiQ team assists you in setting up tailored governance frameworks to provide the necessary foundations for you to integrate AI responsibly.

We help you develop and rollout a robust governance framework to keep pace of AI technological advancements and regulatory changes to enforce ethical standards for AI utilization, focusing on fairness, transparency, responsibility and accountability.  This may include guidance on setting up new roles and responsibilities, a center of excellence or key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress and impact.

AI use case Factory

We create an end-to-end “AI factory” which helps your organization ramp-up design, development and deployment activities for future use cases at scale. Our team helps you to standardize your operating model and configure a common platform to ensure you are equipped with the right capabilities for future AI delivery.

HiQ helps your organization establish an integrated AI operating model consisting of standardized processes, model building recipes and configured platform infrastructure to manage future AI workloads including data collection, preprocessing, and management – establishing a real “AI factory”. Our team collaborates with you and key stakeholders to plan and build the AI factory at various levels of fidelity while addressing ethical, security, and governance considerations. Additionally, we set up the necessary feedback loops, ensuring AI models and solutions are effective, efficient, and aligned with desired business outcomes.


Our AI managed services team helps you to establish and run a systematic and automated framework for developing, deploying, and maintaining full stack AI-integrated solutions at scale (“AI Factory”). 

We partner with you to establish and run a systematic and automated framework for developing, deploying, and maintaining the required full stack for AI-integrated solutions at scale (“AI Factory”). Our team can help address the challenges of integrating, updating, migrating and rolling out new and emerging AI capabilities while taking care of continuous monitoring, security and maintenance to ensure your AI solution and model remains effectively operationalized.

Security & Data Privacy

We integrate data compliance and security into every stage of design, development and deployment of AI models or AI-driven solutions to mitigate risk, improve trustworthiness, and ensure alignment with the necessary regulatory and compliance requirements.

For us at HiQ, the imperative of data privacy and application security cuts across the design, development and deployment phases of AI model building and AI-driven solution realization. Our team supports you throughout the journey, ensuring data compliance and providing the necessary processes and methodologies to ensure any data being used does not pose significant risks and repercussions to your organization.

Our team of experts can also assist and enable your organization’s security capabilities by integrating AI-driven solutions or tooling into existing IT landscapes.

AI Product Teams & Experts

We provide on-demand AI experts as well as complete AI product-oriented delivery teams to work most effectively on your AI initiatives and help you to realize your AI use cases faster and with less risk.

We deploy various skilled AI practitioners as well as AI product-oriented delivery teams to best complement your organization’s resource needs. Our practitioners can drop into existing project setups or be interfaces between different stakeholders to conduct knowledge transfer or support upskilling initiatives on topics like e.g., data management or data engineering. 

Data & Platform

We help you to evaluate and optimize your organization’s data and architectural foundations for AI use case realization through robust dataset curation, data quality activities, consolidation and automated pipeline creation for future scalability.

Typically, we begin with assessing your data and platform readiness to evaluate how your underlying data management practices and existing infrastructure is best prepared for certain AI use cases. At this stage, our team begins to pull together data from different business sources, systems or databases. It’s often a continuous lifecycle of data wrangling, cleaning, labelling, indexing, tagging and addressing found anomalies and biases to ensure the data contributes towards an accurate AI-model. 

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