HiQ is dedicated to safeguarding your business from cyber threats and providing comprehensive cyber security solutions to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in different industries and provide customized solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our goal is to establish a strong cybersecurity foundation that instills confidence in your organisation.

Cyber security

Governance, Risk and Compliance

HiQ Cybersecurity helps you establish compliance with rules and regulations, as well as assists you with risk management and business continuity…

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Technical Security

HiQ Cybersecurity helps you with implementing specific security requirements to protect your product or software application from potential security threats or vulnerabilities. We aim to identify, assess, and mitigate risks…

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Penetration Testing

HiQ Cybersecurity provides penetration testing which involves finding and assessing security risks of computer systems, networks, applications among others, to make them more resilient to potential cyberattacks…

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

HiQ Cybersecurity helps you establish compliance with rules and regulations, as well as assists you with risk management and business continuity. Our cybersecurity professionals are committed to maintaining organizational security and develop governance based on best industry practice.

Information Security Management Systems & Governance

HiQ guides you towards robust cybersecurity using information security management and governance by laying out a roadmap and assisting the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

By employing a systematic approach that encompasses processes, technologies, and personnel, an ISMS strives to mitigate the risks associated with data and information handling within your organization.

HiQ Cybersecurity supports you in the implementation of internationally recognized ISMS standards and frameworks such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 among others for organizations in varying industries and in all steps of your security journey.

Security as a Service

HiQ Cybersecurity offers consultants for roles such as CISO, CTO, CSO, DPO, and Information Security Governance Officer among others.

Our experts support your organization, with their specialized knowledge and experience within strategic guidance, compliance and risk management, organizational leadership personalized to your demands.

Business Continuity Management

HiQ Cybersecurity offers consultants who provide expertise in assessing and analyzing your organization’s business processes and critical functions.

We specialize in developing and implementing business continuity strategies, plans, and disaster recovery. Our consultants offer ongoing guidance and support to ensure your organization’s resilience in the face of potential disruptions or disasters.

Compliance & Risk Management

HiQ Cybersecurity experts support your organization to become and maintain compliance with regulations and frameworks such as NIS 2, DORA, GDPR, ISO 27000, NIST CSF, CER, PCI DSS, Cyber Resilience Act, CIS Controls and more. HiQ also performs enterprise risk management to identify, evaluate, and manage your organization’s risks as part of your journey to compliance as well as a stand-alone service.

Security Culture & Awareness

HiQ Cybersecurity provides specialized educational training for executive members of the management body to enhance their understanding of cybersecurity ICT risks, impact on business operations and the strategic measures necessary to manage and mitigate the risks effectively.

We also perform targeted and practical training sessions for employees and all relevant staff on selected security topics. Equipping them with the knowledge needed to prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents to maintain a resilient security awareness culture in the work environment.

Data Protection & Privacy

HiQ’s Cybersecurity professionals help your organization with data security, privacy, and compliance amidst evolving threats and regulations – securing the integrity of your suppliers, employees, customers, and clients.

Our services are designed to help your organization identify, monitor, and strengthen your high-value assets against unauthorized access, reducing the risk of data breaches and overall security and legal concerns.

Technical Security

HiQ Cybersecurity helps your organization to identify, assess, and mitigate risks which threaten the products to ensure security throughout the entire life-cycle. We follow best practices, frameworks and standards to support you with implementing security requirements to protect your organization and products from potential security threats or vulnerabilities.

Secure Product Development

HiQ Cybersecurity helps you embed security into your product life-cycle with proactive best practices such as security by design, DevSecOps among others. This way we ensure that security is part of your entire development process, which will make it easier for your organization to comply with requirements and regulations as well as make it more cost-effective in the long run.

Threat Modeling & Risk Assessment

HiQ Cybersecurity provides threat modeling and risk assessment services, which are essential practices to evaluate and manage security risks. These provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to proactively identify and address security risks, enabling your organization to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively to protect your assets and maintain the integrity of your systems.

IT Forensics

HiQ Cybersecurity provides expertise in acquiring and identifying forensic evidence after the occurrence of a cyber incident. We help you identify what caused the incident while following sound forensic methodology. You will be provided with a detailed report of our approach and findings.

Industrial Compliance & Regulatory

HiQ Cybersecurity can help you with guidance and implementation of regulations and international standards. We have helped several companies of different sizes and industries with certification and compliance. Our expertise extends to specific sectors such as industrial automation, vehicle, and healthcare among others. We ensure compliance with the requirements placed on your organization today and over time.

We work with regulations & standards such as:
– ISO/IEC 62443 series
– ISO/IEC 81001-5-1
– UNECE R155/R156
– NIST SP 800-160
– ISO/SAE 21434
– ISO/SAE 24089
– Among others.

Penetration Testing

HiQ Cybersecurity provides penetration testing which involves finding and assessing security risks of computer systems, networks, applications among others, to make them more resilient to potential cyberattacks. Penetration tests might be necessary for compliance purposes or after acquisitions of new systems or companies for quality assurance. Our penetration testers use industry standard tools and strategies to find vulnerabilities as well as try to exploit known vulnerabilities. We provide you with the insight needed to enable you to strengthen your security posture by remediating the vulnerabilities.

We offer the following kind of penetration tests:

Web application penetration testing
Network penetration testing
Mobile application penetration testing
Operational technology (OT) penetration testing

Security Assessment and Reporting

HiQ Cybersecurity provides you with a security assessment of the target systems, which includes code analysis of the source code, if provided. The latter involves reviewing the source code of the application to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities that could be exploited by the attacker. Recommendations around secure coding practices and logic errors are also part of our security assessment.

After a conducted penetration test, we provide you with a detailed description of the approach used, identified vulnerabilities as well as recommendations on how to improve the security posture and remediate identified vulnerabilities. HiQ also applies risk scoring to the identified vulnerabilities and provides an evaluation of the general cybersecurity status of your target system.

Verification testing (optional)

HiQ Cybersecurity can provide you with verification testing after a performed penetration test. The purpose of the verification testing is to verify if previously identified vulnerabilities in your target system have been remediated.

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