maj 21, 2021

Bring Frigo choose HiQ Frends as partner for system integration

Photo: Bring Frigo

Bring Frigo, one of the leading specialists of temperate logistic services in the Nordics, selects HiQ and its integration platform Frends. The aim with the partnership is to simplify and improve the automation of incoming and outgoing customer and supplier orders, both for temperate warehouses and transport logistics. "We are incredibly proud that Bring Frigo selects HiQ’s Frends as partner to streamline services and provide increased customer value. It is truly fun, and great work of our team in Malmö who have made this a reality," says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ. 

As one of the leading suppliers of temperate food transports in the Nordic region, Bring Frigo wants to offer its customers smooth management for transport orders. HiQ’s hybrid integration platform Frends enables Bring Frigo to better meet each client’s unique demand for orders through a seamless integration between their and their clients’ own systems. As part of the service, HiQ will be able to operate the whole process between integration and automation. 

”Through Frends and a dedicated fulltime service we are able to create a better flow between Bring Frigo’s and their client’s internal systems. The course of action is both more efficient and easier to maintain. Our ability to scale up and manage a complete solution for our client’s most business-critical processes and systems is a fundamental part of our offer. That’s why we are especially proud of the trust that Bring Frigo puts in us,” says Jukka Rautio, Head of Frends at HiQ.

The agreement is founded on a collaboration within Business Process Outsourcing. This means that Bring Frigo not only buys the platform but also that they allow HiQ to manage the whole integration process and the contact with customers. This includes everything from initial requirements to development, maintenance and monitoring. As part of the service HiQ will in addition also manage the API management for other business areas at Bring Frigo. Frends iPaaS offers the possibility of a modern integration in a scalable solution. In addition to the external integration service, HiQ has been trusted with replacing the current integration solution, BizTalk, with Frends.

”We picked HiQ and Frends as they could offer a fast and complete service for integration that we can grow long-term with,” concludes Robert Schuman, CIO at Bring Frigo.


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