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Enabling Global Collaboration and Communication

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Global from day 1

HMD Global was established in late 2016 as a new home for Nokia mobile phones. The operations, organization and business network were to be global from Day 1. HMD Global needed fit for purpose infrastructure and tools to support the global business and massive onboarding program for a fast and smooth start for their hundreds of newly hired employees.

Enhancing the daily work

HMD Global’s fast-growing organization needed a cloud based, scalable and secure solution for enhancing each employees’ daily work with streamlined collaboration tools, clear information handling processes and organization-wide information sharing, especially for onboarding new employees starting on Day 1 and ensuring a smooth transition to HMD Global working culture.

”Co-operation with HiQ was easy and our business got the service we needed to enable a fast start for the company.”

Jukka Antikainen, Director, IT – Infrastructure & Collaboration, HMD Global

Flexible services & cost efficient solutions

HiQ prepared and setup HMD Global’s Office 365 environment and Azure AD based identity management, with e-mail migration from the legacy system. HiQ provided services flexibly to HMD Global’s needs and supported the organization to get ready for Day 1 with a highly committed project team. HiQ replaced the legacy solutions and improved processes with modern, cost efficient, easy-to-use Office 365 solutions.

HiQ delivered Elevate intranet and Office 365 collaboration services for HMD Global in extremely tight time frame.

Delivered solution included:

– Collaboration environment and communicative Elevate intranet

– Unified working methods and information handling

– Unified document management solutions for several business functions

– Office 365 training and adoption for all employees to ensure productivity

– Business critical solutions for launching new products

A successful, fresh start

All business-critical services were up and running on time, project was delivered on schedule and within budget.

”Co-operation with HiQ was easy and our business got the service we needed to enable the fast start for the company. I’m especially happy about the flexible working practices HiQ could demonstrate; sometimes on very tight schedules. HiQ’s wide knowledge about collaboration and technology helped us to get the best out of the Microsoft Platform.”
– Jukka Antikainen, Director, IT – Infrastructure and Collaboration, HMD Global

HMD Global’s intranet and Office 365 services were in vital role for ensuring fast start for the new business and onboarding process. All information had to be easily found and unified and secure collaboration tools available for all employees. Line of business solutions have supported several business processes to operate effectively and ensured a successful fresh start for Nokia mobile phones.

HMD Global and HiQ continue the successful collaboration. With focus on a modern, productive and secure employee experience, the business-critical solutions are continuously developed for a fast growing organization in a highly complex ecosystem and demanding market.

HMD Global Oy  Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, HMD Global Oy is the new home of Nokia phones and tablets. HMD designs and markets a range of smartphones and feature phones targeted at a range of consumers and price points. With a commitment to innovation and quality, HMD is the proud exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for mobile phones and tablets. For further information, see