Bank, Bonus, Petrol and Payments

The S-Mobile app – almost all a customer needs

Together with Finland’s S-Group, HiQ has created a unique mobile service.


The first bank in the world to offer a bonus to customers

From the moment it was first launched, S-Mobile has been enthusiastically welcomed by both experts and users. It also received an honourable mention in the GrandOne awards in the category Best User Experience.

S-Mobile was launched in November 2013 and by April 2014 the mobile app had already been downloaded more than 200,000 times. S-Mobile’s success in making everyday life simpler and better for many people is further confirmed by a high user rating of 4 out of a maximum 5 stars. There are plans to continue to develop and expand the services in the future.

S-mobile is also the first mobile bank to be fully integrated with a bonus system from retailers. Customers receive personal digital discount coupons sent direct to their mobiles. And they can also use the app to locate service offices if they need to.

One app for (almost) all you need in life

HiQ has  worked  together with Finland’s S-Group to create a unique mobile service. All the functions that the S-Group offers – bank, insurance and retail services –  are combined in a single app, S-Mobile. Now customers can use the same mobile app to manage their bank transactions, check their insurance cover, fill up petrol and pay for shopping.

”We’re passionate about making people’s day-to-day lives simpler, and the S-Group shares this ambition.”

Jukka Ratio, Country Manager, HiQ Finland

Unify and simplify

S-Banken is one of Finland’s largest banks with two million customers. Thanks to a strong team, good references, clever ideas, detailed knowledge and a strong vision HiQ won the assignment to help make life simpler and better for the S-Group’s customers by developing the next generation of mobile banking services. HiQ was responsible for the development and technical implementation of the concept.

One of the biggest challenges was to integrate all of the S-Group’s services – internet banking, payment solutions, loyalty programme, etc. –in a single platform. Personal banking services make high demands on security, and this is a field in which HiQ already has extensive experience. One example is the Swish mobile payment service that HiQ developed for the six largest Swedish banks and which today has more than five million users in Sweden.

The right information and attractive offers

HiQ’s solution for the S-Group was S-Mobile. When this app was launched, it was a world first – the first mobile bank to be integrated with a customer loyalty programme for the S-Group’s 1,600 retail outlets.

S-Mobile enables users to manage their banking and insurance transactions and also to check their bonus balance for retail purchases. All the information the customer needs is collated in a single app. The S-Mobile service also includes targeted customer offers and discounts, as well as a handy function to help users locate the bank’s local service office.


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