October 21, 2021

Erik Ridman – new Head of Region Stockholm at HiQ

Foto: Jonas Bilberg

The tech consulting company HiQ is taking yet another step to strengthen its position as a full-stack partner in digital transformation. Erik Ridman, former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Head of Communications at HiQ, is appointed new Head of Region Stockholm at HiQ. ”At HiQ, we have a pretty much unique position in being able to build advanced systems, products and services, and at the same time discuss digital strategies, usability and the repositioning of brands. With background and experience in brand development and recruitment as well as solutions and commitments, Erik Ridman will play an important role in our continued success. And with Erik at the helm of our operations in Stockholm, I’m confident that we will further strengthen our position,” says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

Erik Ridman is appointed new Head of Region Stockholm. Previously, Ridman was Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Head of Communications at HiQ, which he has held for the past five years. Prior to that, he has a background in the advertising and communications industry and has worked with brand development and digital innovation at several agencies. Erik Ridman joins as leader of HiQ in Stockholm and receives the title Head of Region Stockholm, Vice President HiQ, and is still part of HiQ’s group management. 

“Jihaaa! I think that’s the only way to comment on this. Naturally, I have great respect for the task at hand, but I am also very excited about the assignment. Stockholm is the epicenter of the Nordic region’s tech and brand markets, and to further capitalize on HiQ’s development here is a dream position! I have worked closely with our team in Stockholm since I started at HiQ and know the potential here. We have fantastic employees and leaders, an inclusive culture out of this world, a tremendously strong brand, and a completely boiling market with future thinking. And we will deliver more of everything, I can promise you that,” says Erik Ridman, Head of Region Stockholm & VP at HiQ.

Erik Ridman replaces Patrik Holm, who leaves HiQ on his own initiative.
“We want to thank Patrik for a long and successful career at HiQ and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors,” says Sven Ivar Mørch.

HiQ has a clear growth strategy. The goal is to continue to build HiQ’s strong brand, unique corporate culture, deep expertise, strategic platforms, and broad customer base to become northern Europe’s leading consulting company in Tech, IT, Integration, Design and Communication. HiQ is involved in creating the technology solutions of the future in most sectors – and in Stockholm, HiQ, through its cutting-edge expertise in several areas and collaborations with leading companies in the Nordic region, is a solid contributor to the Nordic countries’ global competitiveness. The team in Stockholm is, among other things, behind Swish – a solution that has simplified everyday life for virtually the entire population of Sweden since its launch.

Recently, we have seen a lot of news from HiQ. Among other things, several acquisitions that add significant expertise to HiQ’s offering. The launch of the trainee program, HiQ Leap, a gateway for newly graduated tech students. A completely new, growing investment in Cyber Security – the goal is to make societies, companies, and organizations able to meet the cyber threats that arise and secure their continued digitization journey. Expansion to new cities – first out Jönköping. Several international awards in design and innovation competitions as well as a large number of new businesses, agreements and customers.

“With tech, we build a simpler, better, more fun and more sustainable world. I urge everyone who wants to work at one of the most exciting and dynamic environments to get in touch – newly graduated and people with long experience in tech, IT, innovation, design, or communication. Or, maybe you want to work with Sweden’s most amazing sales team? Get in touch! Email, Linkedin, phone or whatever, I’m everywhere. Let’s go!” Erik Ridman concludes.


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