juni 23, 2021

Gold to HiQ in European Design Awards 2021

HiQ with its design team from Great Apes wins gold in the European Design Awards with Lux Nemus, an interactive projection experience and a part of Metsä Group’s visitor center, Pro Nemus. "Incredible that Great Apes wins this award! Fantastic work from the team and great that we get noticed on a European arena," says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

HiQ with its design team from Great Apes wins gold in the European Design Awards with Lux Nemus. The project, which consists of a collection of custom-built walls featuring Metsä’s wood, fibre and other innovative products, is an interactive projection experience that is part of the visitor center Pro Nemus by Metsä Group. The product collages have got projections that allow visitors to interact with the walls via a touch screen. Visitors can highlight individual products, explore and learn more about them through unique light projections. The core of the installation is to showcase how Metsä Group uses each part of a tree as efficiently as possible for the purpose that creates the most value.

”We are happy to receive one more gold in the European Design Awards together with Metsä Group. It feels extra special as there is so much competition in the awards,” says Niko Sipilä, Creative Director at Great Apes. 

The European Design Awards, or ED Awards, have been recognizing talented designers since 2007. It differs from other design competitions as the jury is composed of journalists and critics – and not the creators themselves. The jury consists of a variety of design magazines from across Europe.

HiQ’s Great Apes is one of the most internationally acclaimed digital agencies in Finland, with previous golds in the European Design Awards, including one for the concept and prototype for the digital driving license for Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Trafi, and the previous project Nemus Futurm with Metsä Group. Great Apes also has a track record of recognition in leading competitions like the Webby Awards, Red Dot Design Awards and Eurobest, as well as Nordic awards like the Grand One and Grafia’s “Best of the year”.

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