augusti 31, 2021

HiQ acquires Advicon

With the aim of becoming the leading tech consulting company in Northern Europe, HiQ acquires IT consulting company Advicon, based in Lund, Sweden. The company and its 25 employees will be a strategically important addition on HiQ's expansion journey in the southern parts of Sweden. “I am very happy to be able to welcome all awesome employees at Advicon to us at HiQ! We have a strong development of our business in the south of Sweden and a fantastic team that works with some of the Nordic region's leading companies. The same applies to Advicon, combining our two operations means that we can strengthen our position further”, says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

Founded in 2014, Advicon is a digital consulting company with 25 employees and customers in several industries, ranging from small privately held companies to public organizations and market-leading groups on a global scale. Advicon’s idea is to run a company that is based on respect for customer needs and a culture that emphasizes teamwork and personal development as tools for success.

“This is a really big step in our development and in many ways a dream situation for all of us at Advicon. HiQ is a perfect match in regard to both our sharp competence as well as our strong corporate culture. We will be able to continue our successful development at a higher pace and to a greater extent being a part of HiQ. I am very happy to be able to share this with all our fantastic employees today”, says Bo-Rickard Jepson, CEO of Advicon.

The acquisition will strengthen HiQ’s offering through, above all, expertise in projects and commitments in digital transformation, Business Analytics and agile working methods, all important investment areas for HiQ. The team at Advicon strengthens HiQ’s position to be able to deliver digitization as a whole – from strategy to design, development, integration, launch, operation, and management. Advicon in Lund will be a part of HiQ Sweden South, joining the offices in Malmö and Karlskrona. Initially, the name Advicon is to remain with the addition ”part of HiQ”, but gradually the business will merge completely under the sole name HiQ.

“The team at Advicon will be a strong and important addition to our operations in southern Sweden and I really want to say a warm welcome to all employees at Advicon. We have followed Advicon for a while and I feel that we have many similarities and the same beliefs that culture, and strong teams are the way to success. Together, we will be able to take on even larger assignments and customers and offer our skilled consultants an even greater variety of challenges and projects to work with. Really exciting”, says Åsa Melvanius, Head of Region South & VP at HiQ.

For over 15 years, HiQ has successfully built up a business in the Öresund region, with its main location in Malmö. The business has gone from being focused on the telecom industry in Lund to spanning the entire HiQ service offering within tech, IT, integration, and digital services with large international companies as customers. With the acquisition of Advicon, HiQ is back in Lund with full force and thus continues to broaden its establishment in the important and expansive Öresund region.

“Lund has Scandinavia’s largest university with 47,000 students and a strong research-based business community with global companies such as Tetra Pak, Sony Mobile Communications, Alfa Laval and Axis. This, together with the research facilities MAX IV and ESS which are under build-up in Lund, is super exciting for us! We are a strong partner for all companies that need digitization and an employer for everyone who wants to work with leading-edge technology, IT, integration, design, and communication. With Advicon, we further strengthen that position”, concludes Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.


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