October 13, 2021

HiQ aims high with Cybersecurity

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In this increasingly digitalized world, there is no denying the significant threats that exist within digital systems. HiQ is building a comprehensive cybersecurity department to help existing and new customers to manage the cyber threat landscape that surrounds them. The goal is to help prepare communities, companies, and organizations to meet cyber threats and secure their continued digitization journey. “Saying that cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important is an understatement. At HiQ, our aim is to be a one-stop-shop for our customers and cybersecurity is an important component in delivering just that. Today, entire organizations must be aware of all the existing risks, and we want to be a part of that transformation for companies and throughout Northern Europe. That is why we are now building competence in cybersecurity and aiming for a leading position within the field,” says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

HiQ simplifies people’s lives by using technology, design, and creativity to develop smart solutions, businesses, and brands. At HiQ, we are convinced that technological development is the best way to make the world better, more sustainable, simpler, more fun, and safer to live in. An essential part of making the world safer is cybersecurity and securing technical solutions to various threats. Cybersecurity permeates all different parts of an organization. It is just as crucial for an IT department as for an HR department to be aware and able to meet the threats that arise, preferably before they even happen. Due to high demand, HiQ is now investing heavily in cybersecurity and building a department to meet the enormous needs of existing customers. The head of the department is Per-Olov Humla.

“It’s huge to come in and become part of HiQ and build up the cybersecurity department. Every day, the news report about various cyber threats. Companies must be aware, whether it is to protect themselves or oversee all the subcontractors they work with. It is a complex job in which we are experts, and we look forward to helping existing and new customers with these challenges,” says Per-Olov Humla, Head of Cybersecurity at HiQ

Humla has solid experience with over 25 years in the industry in leading positions within cybersecurity. He has also worked internationally on UN assignments, as head of, among other things, IT operations. The goal is to work more proactively with customers to deal with threats in the early stages. The cybersecurity department will have customers on a global scale.

“Cybersecurity is critical and, in many countries, also defined by regulatory requirements. In addition, it’s something we see as an increasing trend. It is an essential part that we must offer our clients, and it will be a large part of our offer that permeates all the different business areas in which we operate. The fact that Humla and several of Sweden’s most skilled experts and leaders in the field join HiQ with their expertise and experience means that we can level up that area in the business,” says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

The fact that we live in an increasingly insecure world regarding cybersecurity is nothing new. Cyber ​​incidents occur all the time, and it isn’t easy to relax and feel completely safe, whether it is a private person or a company. It doesn’t matter the size of the company. In this increasingly digital world, all these issues are affected, not least in setting requirements for and controlling subcontractors. Companies today are investing more and more budget towards cybersecurity, and it is central to find the right partner who can guide, provide support, and help with a holistic perspective. It creates a base to strengthen a company’s market position and cost-effectively manage risks.

“Our vision is to not only come in when the accident has occurred but to proactively guide and navigate customers so that they don’t have to deal with an actual threat. Today it’s increasingly more complicated to protect an organization against the accelerating threat landscape. We want companies to develop in the digital arena and strengthen their position in the market, that is why we do what we do, for a safer world,” concludes Per-Olov Humla. 

Do you want HiQ to help your company with Cybersecurity? Get in touch with:
Per-Olov Humla, Head of Cybersecurity at HiQ,
e-mail: per-olov.humla@hiq.se


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