April 22, 2022

HiQ builds an interactive website based on Anders Wallenstam’s youth version of Hälsogåtan

Anders Wallensten has published a new version of his successful book Hälsogåtan aimed at young people. HiQ develops and designs an interactive website that schools can use without charge when working with the book. “We are delighted and honoured to be working with Anders Wallensten and Hälsogåtan. Health, especially among young people, is an issue that is important to us, which is why we have created this interactive website for schools,” says Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ.

The success of Anders Wallensten’s book Hälsogåtan has hardly gone unnoticed. Published in December 2020, the book goes back to the origins of humankind to look at health from scientific, evolutionary, and experiential perspectives. A version of the book aimed at young people has now been published to give secondary school students the tools they need to make well-founded health decisions, and knowledge and understanding of health in general. 

HiQ develops and designs the interactive website that schools will use when working with the Hälsogåtan. The digital tool will allow students to make self-assessments of health and work individually with health-related habits. For example, students can create their own health wheel based on the book’s six keys to health: exercise, food, relationships, thoughts, surroundings, and sleep. Sections of Hälsogåtan will also be available on the interactive website as an audiobook.

“It has been great to work with HiQ and develop the digital tool. It is an excellent complement to the book and the teacher’s guide, which makes it easier for young people to really absorb the knowledge from the book,” says Anders Wallensten, author of Hälsogåtan. 

Class sets of the book Hälsogåtan are offered to schools through the organization SCRIIN. The book can be purchased at a favorable price, including teacher guidance supported by the digital tool that HiQ has built. Part of improving and simplifying people’s lives, which HiQ actively works for, is to strive for a healthier world.

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