april 16, 2021

HiQ enters partnership for Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) with Ivar Jacobson International

As digitalization rapidly swoops over all companies and organizations, the need for frameworks for agile development becomes critically important. The step-change in capability however, when those principles are scaled, is mind-blowing! At HiQ we are a trusted partner to a vast majority of the large cap companies in the Nordics and we constantly strive to sharpen and develop our expertise in this area. Accordingly, HiQ has partnered up with the godfather of software engineering – Dr Ivar Jacobson – and his great team at Ivar Jacobson International. “This is an important step in our development. Ivar Jacobson International is truly the epicenter of knowledge and experience in scalable agile development. To cross that with our vast competence in embedded development, digitalization and transformation, will make our offering within Research & Technology and Business Critical IT significantly stronger”, says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO and President of HiQ.

Established in 2004, Ivar Jacobson International is a global services company providing high quality consulting, coaching and training solutions for customers implementing enterprise-scale agile software development. Through the provision of high caliber people, innovative practices, and proven solutions they improve the performance of software development teams by introducing new practices and removing barriers to their wider adoption. Ivar Jacobson International is one of the foremost companies in the world when it comes to experience within scaled agile development.

“I’m really glad that we’ve finally announced this collaboration. HiQ has an impressive reputation and an unrivalled track record of dealing with complex technologies and solutions development. They are leaders in the Nordics with leading-edge technology competence and the ability to deliver from idea to finished solution. I am truly looking forward to this”, says Ivar Jacobson, CEO of Ivar Jacobson International.

Dr. Ivar Jacobson is a computer scientist and software engineer, known as the creator of use cases, Objectory, Rational Unified Process and a co-creator of UML and Essence. Ivar has an impressive career in both academia and business. He has authored ten books, published more than a hundred papers and is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

“Agile frameworks with rapid feedback loops that support a “fail fast, learn and succeed faster” workflow is more or less the key to success in this fast-changing technological world we’re living in. To be able to scale it, the ‘holy grail’ in system development. To partner with Ivar Jacobson and his team is really great! We will start the collaboration by offering joint SAFe online training courses to our clients. From there we will expand. Great for us and great value to the competitiveness of the Nordic companies”, says Erik Ridman, CMO of HiQ

Are you interested in SAFe training courses? Are you a developer and want to work with agile development in epic projects or a CTO that wants to power up your dev team lean and fast? Do you have any other interest in this? Just hit contact >


We kickstart the collaboration with a first training course. 

Read more and register directly at Ivar Jacobson International: 


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