August 17, 2022

HiQ expands in Karlskrona

In November 2021, HiQ acquired Karlskrona-based Cogitel and the IoT platform Thellio. The acquisition resulted in the tech consultancy growing to one of Karlskrona’s largest consulting companies regarding the number of employees. Now, the companies are moving in together in the city and opening up for many new job opportunities locally. “I am pleased that we are expanding in southern Sweden. We have offices in four cities within the region: Karlskrona, Malmö, Lund, and Helsingborg, and that we grow locally in all these cities is important. When we strengthen our presence in the Swedish market, we also strengthen our position to grow in northern Europe. In addition, we see a stable development and growth within IoT; Cogitel and Thellio have built up that offering within HiQ after the acquisition, which is great,” says Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ.

In November 2021, the tech consultancy HiQ announced that it would expand in southern Sweden by acquiring Karlskrona-based Cogitel and the IoT platform Thellio. Cogitel’s deep knowledge of IoT and important clients and partners enable HiQ to broaden its offering in Blekinge. Thellio is a standalone IoT platform and a licensed software product. The platform performs tracking, monitors health and productivity and allows efficiency optimizations of your connected products, machines, and even connected spaces.

With the acquisition, HiQ becomes one of the largest consulting companies in Karlskrona in terms of the number of employees. As a next step, the existing HiQ office and Cogitel and Thellio are moving in together in Karlskrona, into Cogitel’s premises on Campus Gräsvik. This, in turn, enables many new job opportunities in the city and region, essential tech competence lacking in large parts of Sweden.

“Right now, we are just over 70 employees in Karlskrona. We could double that by 2026! We need to recruit and are looking for the best skill sets, and we believe we can find them in Karlskrona. The rest of Sweden is looking for competent IT staff. As HiQ is located across large parts of Sweden and northern Europe, we can offer our employees more opportunities for exciting and developing assignments. As an employer, we can recruit at a higher pace. At the same time, we can offer everyone who wants to work with cutting-edge tech, integration, design, and communication a good workplace,” says Åsa Melvanius, Head of Region South at HiQ.

After acquiring Cogitel, HiQ is an even stronger player in the region. As a student city with a strong business community, Karlskrona is a significant local market for HiQ. In addition, the company offers not only job opportunities but also a potential path into working life for students via HiQ Leap, the company’s trainee program launched in the spring of 2022. The program’s first start in Karlskrona is in the fall of 2022.


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