oktober 28, 2022

HiQ helps Zenseact towards zero faster

Software company Zenseact, which develops autonomous driving, needs help scaling its offering and making it easy to integrate into other car models than what is currently being used. HiQ works with Zenseact to realize the project. “The future is autonomous. We see rapid development in autonomous, and at HiQ we have broad experience in autonomous driving. Such as software solutions for trucks, buses, cars, and vehicles for the mining industry. With the software’s help, we develop both safer and more precise vehicles. With a proactive approach and always being one step ahead, it is not uncommon for a function or feature to be developed, even before requested. We are happy to work together with Zenseact to develop a safer world,” says Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ.

Zenseact is a software company developing autonomous driving (AD) and driver assistance systems (ADAS). Zenseact envisions a world with zero vehicle collisions, which is captured by the company’s motto: Towards zero faster. Zero collisions, zero fatalities. The way to achieve that vision is by deploying the software in as many vehicles as possible.

Zenseact needs help to make its software offering scalable and easy to integrate into other car models. Zenseact’s main product, OnePilot, is the application that will ultimately run in the customer cars and perform AD/ADAS functions. HiQ helps develop the Integration Suite, a software meant for integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that want to integrate OnePilot in other cars, from scratch and supporting Zenseact’s partners to integrate OnePilot in their vehicles. The Integration Suite is a complex product, touching almost all parts of OnePilot.

”I usually talk about the team from HiQ as one of our best-case scenarios when it comes to our bought services. We are very pleased with the team’s performance and that everything works quite smoothly,” says Mehrnush Ostad, Department Manager at Zenseact.

The HiQ team works cross-functionally across competence areas and geographical regions. The team handles everything from setting up hardware, hands-on testing and debugging to high-level tasks like software architecture, system analysis and optimization. Additionally, a part of the team is involved in Zenseact’s API governance group, a formal decision forum tasked with overseeing Zenseact’s public APIs.

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