december 9, 2019

HiQ is digital partner to Göteborg Film Festival

Following the largest film festival in the Nordics is ready to step into the future. To invigorate its innovative strength and increase the pace of its digital development, the Göteborg Film Festival has chosen HiQ as its digital partner. "We are incredibly enthusiastic about this partnership. Together with the Göteborg Film Festival, we want to develop the festival and its streaming service into the obvious choice for Nordic film lovers,” says Jerker Lindstén, Managing Director of HiQ Gothenburg.

The Göteborg Film Festival is one of the highlights of the year for film lovers throughout the Nordics. Industry professionals and international celebrities mix with film enthusiasts and moviegoers, and the magic of the silver screen bathes participants in glamour, light and warmth when the Gothenburg winter is at its darkest.

In addition to the festival itself, the Göteborg Film Festival also runs Draken Film, its own streaming service, which has been named the best Swedish streaming service by Internetworld. The collaboration will be centred around getting the two parts to work together and HiQ’s role is digital innovation partner for new services and a simplified customer journey.

“We see incredible potential in this combination, with the digital and physical merging into a strong platform. We want to develop it so we can continue to circulate quality films and create a counterweight to an industry dominated by global players. HiQ’s strong digital expertise and experience from similar projects make them a perfect partner for us. Together we will be able to create completely new experiences for all film lovers,” says Mirja Wester, MD of the Göteborg Film Festival.

HiQ has previously delivered strong concepts for the Gothenburg Symphony and Royal Swedish Opera. Partnering with the Göteborg Film Festival will be another exciting challenge in the cultural sector. The first step in the work focuses on creating a customer journey that makes it easy and fun to buy movie experiences both at the festival and in the streaming service.

The partnership extends through the 45th edition of the festival, which takes place in 2022.


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