November 29, 2022

HiQ signs framework agreement with Kammarkollegiet in Architecture & Development

HiQ signs a framework agreement with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) for IT consulting services in Architecture and Development. The agreement is one of five areas in a large procurement for IT consulting services. HiQ won four in total in the procurement. “I’m proud that we are signing this framework agreement with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, and that we have won four out of five areas in the procurement! We look forward to continuing our work to digitize the public sector in Sweden. Our goal is to support communities and organizations as much as possible on their continued digitization journey,” says Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ.

The framework agreement is signed with the National Procurement Services (Statens Inköpscentral) at the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. Their mission is to efficiently procure and provide coordinated framework agreements for goods and services that government agencies regularly procure on a large scale or of high value. As procurement is coordinated nationally, the signing of the framework agreement means that HiQ will be able to deliver to a large proportion of Sweden’s central government agencies.

“I am very pleased that we are signing this framework agreement and that we can continue to help the public sector. The fact that we are gaining greater trust proves that what we do is good and of high quality,” says Simon Jansson, Head of Public Sales at HiQ Region Stockholm.

The sub-area Architecture and Development is the largest tender area in the procurement, with an estimated turnover of 2.4 billion SEK over four (4) years, within System Development, System Management, Architects and Testing. The framework agreement also includes the competencies: database design and administration, enterprise architecture, infrastructure architecture, configuration and version control, solution architecture, software architecture, system integration, system development, testing, test management, business architecture and web development. The framework agreement is in partnership with several other stakeholders. The other areas that HiQ won in the procurement are IT in Operations, Security in IT and IT projects, and IT Consulting Solutions.


Region HiQ Stockholm

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