October 11, 2021

HiQ wins procurement of digital content agency for Bostäder I Borås

HiQ wins procurement of digital content agency for Bostäder i Borås. The organization needs a partner with a high strategic and creative level. "It's great that we win Bostäder i Borås' procurement, excellent work by the team at HiQ who have worked very hard to make this a reality," says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO at HiQ.

Bostäder i Borås is the largest landlord in Borås. The organization, owned by the City of Borås has since 1923 offered a varied range of apartments in almost all parts of the city. Bostäder i Borås is a community builder that strives to create sustainable districts where people thrive, feel at home, and want to live for a long time. The organization owns and manages just over 6,600 apartments and about 300 commercial premises.

Bostäder i Borås needs an agency that is passionate about creating effective communication. Through several workshops and surveys, Bostäder in Borås found the organization’s new brand expression. The purpose is to elevate the brand and transform the entire company into a modern and attractive housing company, aiming to make more people want to live and work in Borås. The ambition is also to strengthen the customer dialogue, increase the commitment from all stakeholders, influence attitudes and behaviours, and strengthen loyalty, primarily with existing customers and tenants. With these goals, the organization needs a digital content agency with a high strategic and creative level within digital communication and marketing. Working proactively with customer communication will strengthen the brand in the long run. The priority from now on is to produce a lot of creative and relevant content that positions and reflects the brand promise and increases customer satisfaction.

“We are looking forward very much to be working with the team at HiQ. The material we have seen so far shows a personal and innovative approach that we really would like to apply to our expression. We want our communication to be heartfelt – and we are convinced that this collaboration will contribute to that,” says Sophia Jonsson, Communications Manager at Bostäder i Borås.

“At HiQ, we are strong in communication and digital services, an area that is becoming increasingly important in the digital world that we live in. It’s great that Bostäder in Borås joins us and we look forward to working with them and supporting them on their journey to reposition their brand,” says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO at HiQ.

The contract period is of a maximum of four (4) years divided into 1 + 1 + 2 years. The agreement is set to start 1/11/2021.


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