September 23, 2021

Launch of HiQ Leap, the best trainee programme in the Nordic region

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HiQ is finally launching HiQ Leap, the company’s new gateway for technology graduates, starting in January 2022. The programme provides trainees with a solid foundation to become a consultant from day one. Its accelerated development curve means that on completion of the three-year programme, the trainees will be senior consultants. Applications are open and the recruitment phase is well underway to find HiQ’s future stars. “We're always looking for great talent to join our team, so it is a real milestone for us to finally be able to start recruiting for HiQ Leap. We are proud to be able to offer newly graduates a route into worklife. And it is an honour for us to work with eager and driven individuals, who, like us, wants to simplify people's lives through technology”, says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

In April this year, HiQ announced that Erik Almén would be joining the company to build the best trainee programme in the Nordic region, HiQ Leap. Almén’s most recent role was at the startup company Einride, and he previously developed  the successful Nova trainee programme at the consulting firm Acando. HiQ Leap is aimed at tech graduates with a maximum of one year’s work experience and offers a route into the working world for junior developers. The programme lets trainees deepen their technical skills, work on amazing client assignments, learn the craft of consulting and develop as individuals. As a student, you are welcome to apply to the programme as you are graduating. The trainee programme runs for three years with coaching from managers and mentors throughout the programme.  

As a trainee at HiQ you will be a consultant from day one, learning an incredible amount from the various assignments you work on with clients. You will also continue to gain more in-depth technical skills, while acquiring tools and training on how to be a really good consultant. Everyone on the programme will gain an understanding of how to build effective teams, and practical experience of how to actually run a consultancy company. As this is the first time HiQ are running the programme it is held in a true entrepreneurial spirit; everyone on the programme will also be helping to shape and build it together with HiQ. This could mean designing or running your own courses, participating in recruitment work for later cohorts or participating in business development. It offers the opportunity to create your own future and pave the way for future colleagues. The aim of the programme is to give all trainees a solid foundation, and over time to build the star consultants of tomorrow. HiQ invests heavily in its trainees, and the programmes’ well-designed, fast-paced development plan means that you will become a senior consultant after just three years.

“With this programme, we want to create a steep development curve for all trainees. We offer trainees a faster route into the worklife with more tools in their toolbox. We achieve this by working with a methodical and goal-oriented approach across three dimensions: in-depth technical skills, consultancy skills and personal development. Our experience-based training builds experience in a much shorter time than what would otherwise be possible. But most of all, we offer three years of fun and exciting happenings and personal development, where you will be more than ready to continue your consulting career at the end of the programme”, says Erik Almén, Head of Young Talents at HiQ. 

So it is now finally time to launch HiQ Leap and the first recruitment phase is underway for the start of the programme in January 2022. HiQ is looking for tomorrow’s talents to join the company’s expansion journey. HiQ is convinced that tech  development is the best way to make the world a better place, to make it more sustainable, simpler, safer and more fun. If you want to contribute to that too, you’re right for this programme. As a trainee, you will be welcomed into a company culture which rewards the individual and offers you a huge platform for your own personal development.

Are you one of the stars we’re looking for?

About HiQ Leap:
HiQ Leap is HiQ’s major initiative, recruiting recent tech graduates directly from colleges and universities for the programme’s very first start in January 2022. As a recent graduate, you apply to the programme directly. HiQ helps create the technology solutions of the future in most sectors in the Nordic region – contributing to the global competitiveness of the Nordic countries. Developers, engineers, creators and leaders coming directly from university are highly skilled, and most importantly, they are trained in the very latest technology. Creating a pathway for the workforce of the future is HiQ’s contribution to society and a way of delivering even better skills to customers, while at the same time providing students with an excellent learning experience and a route into worklife.

The three-year programme will start in January 2022, and after that admissions will take place twice a year, in August and January. Initially, the programme will be located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, with around ten trainees based in each city.

HiQ Leap – Fast-track career for future developers, engineers and leaders in tech


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