August 5, 2021

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection selects HiQ to develop its new website

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY), formerly the Swedish Data Protection Authority, has commissioned HiQ to develop its new website The focus is to make it easier for users to find the right information and to make the content accessible to everyone. "It is exciting for HiQ to assist the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection with their new website. We have been a strong partner for digitisation in the public sector and I am very proud to be deploying our expertise more widely. Go HiQ!," says Sven Ivar Mørch, CEO of HiQ.

With increasing digitization, there are higher demands on public authorities to have clear information on their websites, making them accessible to everyone and easy to use. The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY), formerly the Swedish Data Protection Authority, has selected HiQ to develop their new website, with the goals to make it easier for users to use and to perform errands on their own.

The work started by identifying three different groups of user needs:

  1. People who need guidance and help obtaining simple and clear information on a variety of topics; for example, whether they are allowed to install a surveillance camera on their property.
  2. People who have a task to carry out, such as applying for various permits.
  3. People who want to know what IMY does; for example, by accessing publications, news and information about the role and mission of the authority.

    An impact mapping process was undertaken in order identify priorities for the new website. The result was clear and proactive information on the website so that visitors can find the information they need.
    Three clear objectives were set:
  4. The web as the main channel.
  5. Increased awareness of privacy protection.
  6. Clarity on what IMY can do to help.

– This project has taught us a lot about how important it is for IMY to have a secure and accessible website that complies with GDPR. We have also worked with IMY to ensure that no unnecessary cookies are used on the website. The project with IMY has been an incredibly instructive one, says Marie Gustafsson, Project and Administration Manager at HiQ.

The outcome of the project enabled HiQ to provide IMY with the tools to turn complicated content into more accessible material using checklists, digital guides and graphics to show how a process at IMY works. The project also enlisted the help of Begripsam, a Swedish association which promotes accessibility for everyone, to user-test the cognitive accessibility of the website. Some of the reactions identified in the test group were that the colours were pleasant and gave a calm impression, that it was nice not to have so many visual effects and that it was simple.

– Working with HiQ to develop our new website has been an exciting process. It is a good feeling to have an accessible and tailored website up and running where we can continue to develop our content and provide guidance both to individuals and to businesses. HiQ is an excellent partner to us and we are proud of the new website, says Anna Hjelm, Web Manager at IMY.


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