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Partner up with HiQ Cybersecurity, and you will benefit from having a team of experts ready to tackle any challenge without losing the strategic advantage.

Cyber security

Cyber Strategy

We will enable you with strategy and architecture, including securing information, cloud services, operational technology, IoT and digitalization.

Cyber Defense

It is critical to be prepared to defend one’s business in an IT attack and know the risks and weaknesses beforehand. We help you with the whole spectrum – offensive and defensive security, threat analysis, countermeasures, training, basically anything you need to ensure a secure cyber environment.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Laws, regulations and standards evolve and change all the time. We are always up-to-date and ready to help with risk management, digital policies, and regulatory compliance. Our experts support you with stable and reliable governance over time with CISO/CSO/CRO as a Service

Resilience & Readiness

We are here to help you analyze where the risks are, define clear objectives, and implement the measures and controls required to ensure resilience and readiness. 

Our other services

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